Some Like It Hot Like Mexico

IMG_5964Oh Mexico.  You’re my favorite place to go.  While I can be a sport and rough it out somewhere, admittedly, I am still a creature of luxury.  In my world of retail sales, all I would rather do on vacation is to be horizontal on a beach bed with a mojito and getting up only to snorkel and eat.  At least most of the time.  I love the Secrets chain of all inclusive resorts…particularly Secrets Maroma & the newly opened Secrets Akumal because they think of everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Fine dining every night ~ French…Italian…Asian…Mexican…take your pick along with an extensive collection of fine wines to pair it back with.  All of them are authentic and can rival many of the high end restaurants in Toronto.  The Secrets chain seem to be out to redefine ‘all inclusive’.

It’s got it all but I’ll talk about my favorite things.  While Secrets Maroma is perfect for long walks on a gorgeous private beach, Secrets Akumal is home to the world’s 2nd largest natural reef which means each dip I take in the ocean is an underwater stroll and meeting my sea creature friends…manta ray, sting ray, the colorful assortment of fish, and of course the sea turtles.  This is Akumal.  The place of the turtles.


Everyday is a fashion exhibition from day to night…creating fun outfits all day.  The most difficult decision to make each day is what will I wear and what will I eat.  What a life.  And OH!  I have this thing about wanting to take a shower outdoors privately and was so excited to walk into an outdoor shower at the spa! Heaven!


It’s handy to have photo professionals on site…in case you get inspired and decide you want to have a photo shoot.  Who says you have to have an occasion?  The photographers there love when they don’t have to do the cheesy lovey dovey photo shoots.  It’s an opportunity for them to get creative!



Love these Burberry polarized glasses.  The dress?  It’s an old L.A.M.B. I can’t seem to let go of.

Thanks for looking 🙂  Visit Mexico Riviera Maya you’ll love it!  Until next time!


Bonjour tout le monde!

Welcome to my blog.  This is just about the things I like, my style, my loves, my travels, unleashing my inner fashion exhibitionist.  This is not work (aka Styled Closets), not shy, not ashamed to share of all my fancy.  Thanks for looking…thanks for reading!